Yummy Yummy Chocolate.. world Chocolate Day

Be sweet as chocolate, spread love, serve chocolates

A word that fulfils our mouth with water and sweetness, our heart feels so excited and we are ready to buy without any conditions that is what? Yes, we are talking about yummy chocolates. Every year on 7 July world chocolate day is celebrated. No matter where you are, what are you doing or whether you have time or not, chocolate lovers are ready to get their sweet chocolate treat. On this day All types of chocolate dishes are included like chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate milkshakes, chocolate cookies etc. Any item made with chocolate plays an important role in the celebration.

Where from chocolates comes?

Before going ahead we will tell you about the history of chocolate that what is the recipe of chocolate. Chocolate is a seed of tropical tribroma cacao tree. Around 1100 bc chocolate seeds found. These tree mainly grows in Mexico, Central America and South America.

The taste of coco seeds are very bitter, so for making chocolate seeds have to clean, dry and roasted. After roasting the seeds the cover of seeds called shall are automatically removed. And left the choco nibs. This is the pure chocolatein rough form. Then it transform in liquid and then solid after this process finally we found the original chocolate with our sweet taste.

Today there are lots of types of chocolates available on the market like dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate etc. Every second person likes to eat chocolate. People loves to eat chocolate every day .

Benefits of chocolates :-

Chocolate is not good only for taste beside this it has many health benefits also. Chocolate helps to change our sad moods into happiness. Dark chocolate is healthy for heart. It control the lower blood pressure and improve the blood flow. Chocolate helps to improve brain health. It also protect our skin from UV lights.

Thus, this is the story of chocolate day. You can celebrate this day on 7 July. Although no one know who firstly celebrates this day if you want to celebrate the day you can. Just organise a party at your home, invite your loved ones and gives them chocolate with love.

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