Want to keep distance from disease, include whole grain in your diet, know the benefits of whole grain

Hello friends, how are you? do you know about whole grain, No, let’s know here.? friends nowadays generally we eat wheat flour only for lunch and dinner, that’s why we thought that wheat is only the grain that we should take. but we are wrong friends. wheat is the most useless grain that we should not eat. there are lots of grains that are not only tasty even so healthy also. so today we will talk about the benefits of whole grain and how you can include it in your daily diet. let’s start.

what is the whole grain ?

Barley, Corn, Millet, Oats, Rice, Rye, Teff, buckwheat, Kamut, Quinoa, Brown rice, etc are comes into wholegrain. It offers lots of benefits to our health. It has three layers- Bran, Endosperm, and germ. whole grain contains rich fiber, protein, iron, zinc, and vitamins, or you can say that a complete package of healthy nutrition.

Varieties of whole grain that we can use in our daily routine:-

  1. Barleys
  2. Sorghum
  3. Freekeh
  4. Brownrice
  5. Popcorn
  6. Oats
  7. Buckwheat
  8. Bulgur
  9. Millet

Benifits of whole grain:-

  1. Whole grains provide us the high nutrients and fiber. it also contains the vitamins , and minerals. protein, antioxidants, etc.
  2. Whole grains save us from heart disease. like heart attack, weak heart valves, etc. Accordingg to research a person should take at least 28 grams of whole grain every day to save from heart disease.
  3. It also helps in the risk of stroke. That’s why in earlier days the percentage of heart attacks and strokes was very less. because people like to eat grain except for wheat and fast food.
  4. For diabetes whole grain is a perfect remedy. whole grain helps in weight loss and prevent obesity as well as helps in diabetes also. chickpea and oats flour helps to reduce diabetes in very short items. wheat should not be taken infuriates especially.
  5. Whole grain has high fiber that’s why it helps to support healthy digestion. it also recover constipation problems. on the other hand, some grains work as prebiotics that is very helpful for digestive health.
  6. Whole grain also helps to reduce the risk of cancer.

Who can take the Whole grain?

Hence whole grain is for everyone, but it also depends on your body type. for example, some people have an allergy to cron. they are not cocomfortableigesting corn that’s why they don’t eat corn. if you are facing any issues while adjusting whole grains then you can leave that grain from your diet. from kids to elders every one allows to take whole grain just depends on their conditions.

How we should take the whole grain?

You can take whole grain according to the season also. Like millet is hot so you should not take in it summer. millet is for winter so that you can save yourself from the cold. chickpea is easy to digest so you should not take them in more quantity. Oats are for summer because it has a cold type. if you want to take this, you can take it with chickPea. Moth beans and green bean has rich in protein. You can talk about it at breakfast. You can make whole grain bread also.

So friends these are the benefits of whole grain. I think everyone should include whole grain in their daily deit. It’s not only healthy but save us from many diseases also. Nature is God’s gift to humans, we should appreciate the gift of God and use it for us in a good manner. Thank you.

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