Try these best substitutes of sugar for long and healthy Life

Hello friends, how are you? Have you taken a cup of tea today? With sugar or without sugar? Do you know why I am asking today we are going to talk about the disadvantage of sugar and the benefits of a sugar detox? yet. almost 2500 years ago refined sugar was made in Indin with the help of chemicals, from India this technique goes to china, parshiya Islamic countries, etc. In the middle ages, sugar was so costly and everyone was not comfortable using it, even people were not aware of it.

As time passes sugar becomes a part of life today a person consumes 18 kg in a year. But now the scenario has changed today. As people are going to be aware of sugar harm they are going to leave it. A sugar detox diet has become a trend today. For 7 days, 15 days, and 30 days people do the sugar diet. Here we will inform you about the benefits of a sugar detox diet and why sugar is harmful to us. Let’s start:-

What is sugar detox?

Sugar detox is a type of diet in which you stop taking and add sugar to your food. Easily, you can say that a diet that is without adding sugar. Like tea, coffee, sweets, cake-packed juice, etc.

Benefits of sugar detox deit :-

1. Weight loss :-

Mostly sugar detox is for overweight people. Because sugar plays a great role in weight. Extra sugar in the body create problems with fatty liver, blood sugar, cholesterol level, etc. so sugar detox is the best way of weight loss.

2. Good for healthy Skin:-

When you will start the sugar detox, you will find that your skin is glowing because the sugar detox diet helps to balance the Harmons. The dark circle under the eyes also becomes light day by day. Extra fat dissolves in our body, and shine and glow come to our skin. That’s why a sugar detox diet is good for healthy skin also.

3. Balance of harmons:-

A sugar detox diet helps to maintain the balance between harmonics. While sugar detox diet you can take healthy fat in your diet like ghee, butter, almonds, and dry fruits. It helps to improve health and energy levels also.

4. Improve digestion system:-

Suger detox diet help to improve the dejection system. Nowadays every second person has an gastrological problem. with the help of a sugar detox diet, w, can easily get rid of it. The sugar detox diet mentions the healthy food in your diet like green veggies, fruits, oil-free food, etc. they will support to maintain your digestion system and immunity.

How you can do detex deit:-

Friends’ sugar detox diet is not as easy as we are talking about. When you will start it you have to face lots of issues because our body is habitual of sugar and without sugar, it will react negatively, Maybe you can find some negative symptoms also like vomiting, uneasiness, weakness, headache, etc. so when you start it, start just for 7 days. And then slowly increase the days like 15 days, a month, etc.

Why sugar is harmfull for us? :-

Suger is a very unhealthy item today. as people are going aware of it, they are thinking to leave it.

  1. Sugar increases the danger of heart attack and high blood pressure also.
  2. Sugar increases the Bad cholesterol level in our body.
  3. Sugar increases the risk of Alzheimer’s. It is a dangerous disease and an attack on the mind.
  4. The fetty liver is the reason for sugar. Sugar stores the fat in our liver and creates thediseasee of fatty liver.
  5. Being overweight is also the result of sugar. The people who eat much Fast food and sweets get hit by this problem.
  6. sugar loss the calcium from our body. it harms the teeth and bone joints.

Best Substitute of sugar :-

Today sugar has become a part of our life but it doesn’t mean that we can’t leave the sugar or sugar don’t have any supplements. you know what in ancient times before sugar, people eat as sweets. It is jaggery. It is not only sweet even too healthy also. It has lots of calcium, which helps to increase the energy level. In lots of diseases, jaggery helps to recover our body. If you don’t have jaggery, you can eat Raw sugar or demerara sugar (Bura) also. These items are also healthy to eat besides sugar.

so friends these are the benefits of a sugar detox diet and the disadvantages of sugar. sweetness is compulsory for us but not in an added sugar form. we are not saying that you don’t eat sugar but if you want to eat sugar change it into another substitute because sugar is like poison for us if you will take it for a long time.

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