Try these 5 tips to protect your eyes from digital screen

Hello friends, how are you? we all know our eyes are the most essential part of our life. The beauty of this life is incomplete without eyes. but today we are doing overuse of our eyes. Toddlers to older no one are left in this case. the uses of laptops, mobile, TVs, and video games are on the hike. Do we have any work on these gadgets or not but we continually use them? The thing is that a kid needs a mobile phone for his lunch. A free person needs a phone for his time pass and a working person uses a laptop to earn. these gadgets have become a part of life.

But the result of it is so dangerous. The blu rage of these screens is very harmful even after a long time it can lead us to blindness. But don’t worry because here we will give you some tips about how to protect your eyes from computer screens or other gadgets screen. let’s start with the:-

Tips for eye protection from gadgets screens:-

  1. Blink your eyes continuously:- when we use phones or laptops we forget to blink and continuously look at the screen, especially when watching movies or playing games. this thing creates dryness in our eyes. so whenever you use any gadgets blink your eyes regularly.
  2. Play 15-5 games with your eyes:- today most people work from home. that’s why the whole day and light they use the laptop. in this case, try to give some rest to your eyes. like after every 15 minutes of work provide a 5-minute break for your eyes. wash them, blink them or close them for a few seconds. it will help to restore the energy of your eyes.
  3. Use artificial tears:- Dryness is very harmful to our eyes. the blu rage of electronic gadgets observes the dryness of the eyes and creates problems. to save from it, try artificial tears, consult your doctor, and buy an eye drop. it will help to maintain the eye.
  4. Use full light in your room:- mostly at bedtime we use the phone under the blanket, stop this habit. use your phone, computer, or tab in dim light. if you are using your phone under the blanket. this is bad for all of us. our eyes are made to watch in daylight, not darkness. so use natural light, and LED lights and maintain the proper lighting in your room.
  5. Have a proper diet:- not only for eyes even for any health issue diet plays a great role. if you use mobile phones or laptops for much time and take a proper diet to protect your eyes. include vitamins like Vitamin C, vitamin d, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids in your food chart. these vitamins and Omega 3 reduce the dryness of the eyes and help to create tears in our eyes. it also helps to reduce the swelling of the eyes.

These are some tips for mobile and laptop users. but friends personally I want to give some advice that if you don’t need a phone then don’t use it. it not only harms your eyes and health even harms your relationships also. try to give your free time to your family or friends. try these tips and tell us, are you agree with this or not, in our comment box. Thank you.

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