This Curd can move to you toward death.. Stop Eating curd like this

Delicious food, but be careful while eating

Curd is one of the most famous dishes of all. We often use curd with lunch, dinner or at parties especially. Curd is a well-known healthy food all over the world. Many tasty dishes are made with curd-like Rayta, classic, Dahi vada, kadi, Dahi paratha, Dahi chawal etc. Mostly is used in summer to feel cool.

Curd is made by the fermentation of milk via bacteria called lactobacillus. It has lots of health benefits, it also helps to remove skin diseases. It contains vitamin B, vitamin B-12, calcium, potassium etc. To improve the digestive system this is the best remedy. Even to cure the piles also. But this healthy curd can becomeme the crush if it is taken in the wrong combination. Here we will tell you about the wrong combination of curd that can harm your health.

Deep fried food :-

Mostly we eat curd with oily food like parathas, vada, chips, fries etc. But this is very harming full for our health. It made our digestion system weak and tired our body. This mixture can lead to you Cold and throat infections.

Curd – Onion Rayta :-

Curd onion rayat is a very delicious dish that loved by every one. In indian kitchen it’s a common option at lunch. If you have nothing in veggies then you can take your lunch with chrd onion rayta. But we want to tell you that this a wrong mixture. Because the nature of curd is cold and onjon create heat in our body. So this combination is not beneficial for us.

Milk and Curd :-

Although curd is made from milk but after that you can’t mix curd and milk both. It may be dangerous. The gastric issue, stomach pain, acidity may be hit to you.

Fish curd curry :

Many of people like to ear with curd with fish or they made fish curry by curd. Although both are the high rich protein sources but we never mix them. It can create stomach problems and indigestion.

So these are some combination that you should not mix. Beside them curd should not be taken with mango, banana, uradh dal, kheer, sweets etc. Even we should not eat curd in night. One more important thing is Whenever you eat curd always mix some water so that it can digest easily. Eat curd with sugar not with salt, because salt destroys the bacteria of curd that makes curd healthy.

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