Save your heart from these habits and maintain your cholesterol level

Hello friends, how are you? In this article, we will discuss the high cholesterol level. friends, high cholesterol level is a health problem related to heart and blood circulation. when cholesterol level increase in our body it calls high cholesterol.

what is the cholestrol?

cholesterol is necessary for fat digestion, it is stored in bile salts. for cell membranes cholesterol is important. it maintains the cellular structure of the body. it also helps to produce vitamin D in our body. cholesterol has two parts. one ithe s the good cholesterol that protects the heart called HDL- High-density lipoprotein and the second is the bad cholesterol that is dangerous for the heart called LDL- Low-density lipoprotein. chest pain, stroke, hreatattack, and diabetes are the risk of high-level cholesterol.

Generally, there are many reasons for high-level cholesterol levels like unhealthy food, oily food, etc. but sometimes you will find that without any wrong deed cholesterol level becomes high. it happens because of your bad habits. if you are aware of this habit you can protect yourself from high cholesterol problems. Let’s start with:-

  1. unhealthy diet:-

friends’ diet plays a very important role in your body. A healthy diet gives us a healthy body. if you are not taking a healthy diet it means you are not aware of your body. fast food, oily food, junk food, backed foodandnd processed food increase the level of cholesterol. so take a healthy diet.

2. Disturbed and lazy lifestyle:-

A disturbed and lazy lifestyle increase the cholesterol level. like if you wake up in day time or whole night you don’t sleep then it is your disturbed lifestyle. activeness also matters, you should be physically active always if you want to fit. fitness helps to maintain the cholesterol level.

3. Smoking:-

Smoking is a very bad habit. smoking for a long time required the more oxygen from the heart and it creates a disbalance in fat metabolism. and last, it increases the high cholesterol level. heart attack and block blood vessels are the worst result of smoking.

4. other disease like Diebates:-

if you have some other disease like debates or Blood pressure then it can be the cause of high cholesterol levels. HIV, Hypothyroidism. chronic kidney disease is also included in it.

5. High stress:

stress is very harmful to the human body. it is the cause of lots of diseases like diabetes and high cholesterol levels. exercise is the best option to get rid form useless stress.

6. Age Factor:-

Age factor is also a reason for high cholesterol. as we become older our liver becomes slow and not able to remove bad cholesterol from our body. fat metabolism also becomes slow in elder age which becomes the reason for high cholesterol in older age groups of people.

7. Gender :-

Gender is also the cause of high cholesterol. compare to women, men suffer more from high cholesterol and heart disease problems.

So, friends, these are the causes of high cholesterol levels. some reasons are natural but some reasons are in our hands like a healthy diet, lack of stress, activity, smoking, etc. we can’t say what will happen tomorrow but we can make our present. so we should try our best for ourselves. and we should try that we can leave the bad habits that are harmful to us and our family also.

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