Look at your feet and know, how healthy your liver is.

Hello friends, how are you? As you have seen in the title today we are going to talk about our liver strengths. That is how much our liver is strong. Friends, our body is a very special creature made by God. We don’t need to find any problem with it. But itself it provides symptoms to us. The liver is a very important and largest organ of our body. it performs almost 500 functions. It helps in blood filtration. it removes the wastewater from our bodies. It produces the bile to digest the fat. Also, help to control the blood cholesterol level in our body. That way when our liver becomes damaged, we have to face lots of health issues like fatty liver.

Here we will tell you some signs of the damaged liver in your feet. Because most of the symptoms of damage liver are shown in feet or palms. To see them you can recognize how your liver is healthy? Let’s shart

1. Pain and swelling in feet:-

If you saw the symptoms like pain and swelling in your feet, the consult with your doctor. Because when our liver become weaker, it produce extra fluid that stores in our feet. Because of this fluid, we feel pain and swelling in our feet. Hepatitis B and hepatitis C, fatty liver, liver damage can be the stages of weak liver.

2. Itching in feet:-

Itching in feet is also the symptom of a damaged liver. The liver produces extra bile in our body. It’s the cause of itching, especially in feet and palms.

3. High sensations in legs:-

High sensations are the high symbol of the weak liver. When we don’t get proper fluid from our food from the liver, it affects our legs. Due to weakness high sensations come in our legs and it hurts so much. So if you feel the sensation in our legs and palm everytime contact to your docter.

So, friends, these are some symptoms that show, your liver is not healthy now. And you should work on it. Healthy diet and a healthy routine play a great role in a healthy body. You should avoid these things if you want a healthy liver life long.

1. Avoid drinking alcohol :- alcohol is the most dangerous drink for our liver.

2. Diseases Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C:- these diseases can harm the liver, if not properly cure.

3. Unhealthy diet, junk food, bad sleeping routine.

4. Hemocremtosis:- this is a hereditary disease.

So these are also some symptoms of liver diseases. If you find any symptoms of weak liver never ignore them. Contact your doctor and get proper treatment. At the initial stage, you can go for Ayurveda also. Some home remedies like munkka, dalchini, and fruits also help to recover the damaged liver.

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