Know the worst combination of medicines that can kill you instead of recovery

But after this quality, we should not take these two medicines together. Because Vitamin C does not allow the body to absorb the copper. If you will take this medicine together you can harm yourself.

Hello friends , how are you? Hope you all are good and don’t need any medicine. But if you are taking any medicine that this article is for you. Must read.

Normally when we feel unwell, we go to the doctor and he gives us medicine. But some time we become doctors by ourselves and buy medicine. That is very dangerous.

Because we don’t know which medicine content is good for us or which is not.

On the other hand when we have lots of medicine to take we don’t care about the timing and time gap with medicine which is very harm full for us. Here we will tell you some worst combinations of medicine that can hurt you so much even if you can die also. Let’s start.

1. Magnesium and calcium:-

Magnesium and calcium are the two drugs that should not be taken together. When we take it together, it reduces the absorption power of magnesium. Magnesium helps to maintain mussels, blood pressure levels, and blood sugar. It is also good for bones. Mostly low magnesium is found in older people who have diabetes.

2. Copper and vitamin C:-

Copper and Vitamin C both are the most important elements for our body. As we all k ow that vitamin C is an immunity booster element. In lots of diseases, doctors suggest vitamin C tablets or vitamin C fruits like oranges, and guava.

Same with copper, copper builds the connective tissues. It’s also helpful for heart problems.

Like Copper and Vitamin C combination, Iron tablets and Green tea should not be taken together. Because green tea elements interfere with iron observation.

3. Iron tablets and green tea :-

Both green tea and iron help to boost immunity. But if you will take them together, you can harm yourself.

Green tea contains vitamin C elements. And it doesn’t allow the body to absorb iron elements. So whenever you take iron tablets give some gap for green tea.

4. Multi-Vitamin tablets :-

Vitamins are very important for our body. When vitamin balance are distrub, our hormone also disturb.

Although doctors advise you to do not to take vitamin tablets at once like vitamins E, D, and K. If you are taking these tablets then give at least two hours of gaps between vitamin K tablets and Vitamins E, and D. Because vitamins E and D disturb the observation of Vitamins K.

5. Copper and Zinc tablets :-

Copper and Zinc both are valuable elements for our bodies. Zinc helps to heal our bodies. For infections and skin problems, zinc is the best medicine. That copper helps with diabetes, headache, and many health issues.

But if you want to take these two tablets, take them separately. Like tablets, you can take one in the morning and one at the night. Because Zinc disturbs the absorption of copper in the body.

If you will take them together you have to suffer from a cold, cough, and many health issues.

So friends these are the worst medicine combinations that you should avoid. We are not saying that these medicines are harmful but their contents are harmful with you will take them together. So before taking any tablets consult about the timing of the tablet also. And don’t take any medicine with doctor’s prescriptions. Enjoy the day.

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