Know the whole history of Influenza Virus H3N2- causes, symptoms, and treatment

What is H3N2, and how dangerous it is for children

How to protect ourselves from the Influenza virus by staying at home

Hello friends, how are you? Today everyone is worried about the Influenza virus. What is it, where did it come from, how dangerous it is, and how to protect ourselves from it? So today in this article we will give you all the information related to the influenza virus. So that you can keep yourself aware and healthy. Let’s start:-

What is Influenza Virus H3N2:-

As we have already told you in our previous article that influenza is a type of virus that is related to respiratory disease. it’s all symptoms are like common viral. It is a fast-spreading virus. This virus originates from animals after that it spreads in the human body. If it is not stopped soon, it can even kill a person.

Where did Influenza Virus H3N2 come from?

the Influenja Virus H3N2 has two stone protein HA and NA. Influenja Virus H3N2 is a combination of these two proteins. Which is a sub variant of influenja A virus. After the genetic change of organisms, these viruses convert themselves into multiple copies and then travel comfortably from one person to another.

For the first time, this virus appeared in Hong Kong in 1968, due to which lakhs of people lost their lives. a few months leter, this virus was again found in many countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Vietnam and it was told that it is taking the form of an epidemic.

Due to this virus, many epidemics have come so far, such as the Spanish flu, which was known as Bombay Fever in India. Because of this, crores of people around the world were killed and most were Indians. After this, the Asian flu and then the swine flu virus came. Influenza virus H3N2 is also a sub-variant of the influenza virus A which is considered to be the most dangerous variant.

Symptoms of Influenza Virus H3N2:-

  • Cough -it takes several week to cure
  • Fever- it takes at least 10 days to cure
  • Body pain
  • Throat infection
  • Headache
  • Cold , running nose
  • Difficulty to take breathe
  • Vomit
  • Diarrhoea

By the way, these all symptoms are the same as common viral, but if you will see deeply, then you will find that there is a lot of difference. Normally common viral symptoms recover within 2 to 3 days but influenza virus symptoms take at least 15 to 20 days. And in this period, this virus makes our body and immunity system weak day by day. And if anyone doesn’t get the proper treatment timely, he can stuck in a dangerous situation.

How dangerous is Influenja Virus H3N2 for children :-

Although everyone is affected by Influenja Virus H3N2, but especially, children above the age of 5 years have been most affected by this virus. In many places, children had to be admitted to ICU as well.

Kids are like flower, In changing season they easily become the victim of cold. In this situation, we should be more wear about their health because our slight negligence can be dangerous for them. So if you found any kid with these symptoms, then imminently take them to the doctor.

Measures to prevent Influenza Virus H3N2:

Wash hands frequently with soap as soon as symptoms are detected

Wear a mask

Follow social distancing

Avoid going to public places unnecessarily

Don’t shake hands with everyone

Cough and sneeze with hand over mouth

Drink more water

Seek medical attention immediately if any symptoms appear

Home remedies:

make the most use of basil

Use basil in drinking water

Use more turmeric in food

You can use honey in cough.

Avoid cold drinks and food items

Add spices like ginger, black pepper, cinnamon to your food

Try to start your treatment in the early days of knowing the symptoms.

Contact your doctor immediately if the problem worsens

So, friends, this was the complete story of the influenza virus H3N2. But whatever its history, we have to stay away from it today and also keep our loved ones safe. That’s why friends, be more and more alert and take precautions. Do not do anything that will take you and your loved ones in the grip of this epidemic. As soon as any symptoms appear, immediately contact your doctor.

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