Know the Causes and symptoms of Hypertension with the prevention

Hello friends, how are you? Tension is not a big word, but it is also not small when it starts hurting your heart. Yes, if you have any tension then don’t take it in your heart. It can stop your breath. Today we are going to talk about hypertension. What is hypertension? Its cause and symptoms of hypertension (High Blood Pressure Symptoms) and its preventions.

What is the Hypertension:-

Hypertension is a condition, in which the blood pressure level is so high against the artery walls. You can recognize it by your blood pressure measurement. if your blood pressure level is above 180/120 then you should consult the doctor.

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Symptoms of hypertension:-

Although there is no high blood pressure symptoms are defined. But it doesn’t mean that it is a sudden activity in your body. You have to notice its symptoms regularly. Then you can find that you have a hypertension issue. At a young age, no one can feel its symptom because they are very common like headaches, tiredness, and weakness. So you have to be very careful if you feel any uncommon activity in your body.

1. Breathing issue:- it is a very noticeable symptom of hypertension. If you have regular breathing issues then you should check your blood pressure.

2. Nosebleeding:- it is also a symptom of hypertension. Not always but if your problem is out of control.

3. Uneasyness:- Uneasyness is a very difficult situation for everyone. Because in this situation we are not sure, that what is happening to us. And it creates so much tension and increases our Blood pressure levels.

if you find high blood pressure symptoms. you should check your blood pressure and should consult your doctor. you can use the pulse oximeter also to find out your pulse rate with your BP. because blood pressure harms your heart and heart rate also plays an important role in high Blood pressure.

Causes of Hypertension :-

Same to the symptoms of hypertension, the causes are also not defined. Your one common mistake can lead to your hypertension. Here we are telling you the reason for hypertension.

  • Overeating
  • Eat too much salt
  • Don’t take enough fruits in daily routines
  • Have lots of tension
  • Don’t drink enough water
  • Smoking, drinking
  • Disturbed lifestyle
  • Age above 60
  • Have any diseases like thyroid, sugar etc?

These are the very common reasons. but very dangerous if you don’t take them seriously on time.

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How to prevent hypertension?

Hypertension is not a disease like a cold or flu that you will take medicine or you will be cured. It all depends on your lifestyle. If your lifestyle will be healthy then you can easily cure it. Here we are giving you some tips by which you can prevent hypertension.

  • Live healthy lifestyle
  • Mention a healthy diet and fruits in your daily diet.
  • Do exercise daily
  • Be happy always
  • Create a circle of good people around you
  • Share your feelings with your loved ones
  • Reduce salt, stop smoking and drinking
  • Spend your extra time with family and friends

These are some tips that you can follow to reduce hypertension.

Friends, No one can say then hypertension can lead you towards death but it is true. Heart failure, paralysis, and comma situation all are the reason for hypertension. We are not saying that don’t take any tension in your life because it is impossible. But try to solve your problem and leave your stress.

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