Know the benefits of correct body posture and get rid from body pains

Hello friends, how are you, hope you are doing well. Today in this article we are going to discuss the benefits of correct body posture. So that you can get rid of all your body pains. People take medicine, take rest, and thought that now body pain will not come. But they are wrong. That’s why here we will take about the permanent solution to this pain.

Reason of body pain :-

mainly the reason for body pain is bad posture. sometimes it happens that you meet with an accident or have any diseases but mainly our wrong body posture creates the all pains in your body. it may be neck pain, mussels pain, back pain, or joint pain.

what is the body posture and why it should be correct ?

from the first line of the article, we are talking about body posture but now you will ask what is body posture? so friends’ body posture is the way to walk, sleep, sit, stand up, sitting, every movement that we do by our body is called body posture. if you are sleeping in the wrong body posture the next day you will feel pain in your neck or back. the wrong posture with the laptop and computer creates the nack pain. so these are the body posture. if they will not correct then every day you will feel pain in your body. for example:-

sitting with down nack for a long time.

working on the keyboard but my hands are not in the correct position.

use bed for laptop working

if laptop height and eye level are not equal

Problems causes by wrong posture :-

  1. Nack pain and back pain:-this is a very common problems. the reason for this problem is our bad posture. when we don’t sit in the right posture, our backbone joints get forced. several, sleep disk is the reason for it.
  2. Beijing disk:-Blijing disk is a very dangerous disease. it starts from the backbone and spread throughout the whole body. it also affects the nervous system. sitting job is the reason for this issue.
  3. mussels stiffness:- the people who never do any exercise and5 always sit in the wrong posture are affected by mussels stiffness. In this problem, blood flow gets disturbed and it affects the heart also.

Test to know correct body posture:-

If you want to know whether your body posture is correct or not. you can do a test by yourself. it will tell you about your body posture. it is called the wall test. know this test step by step:-

  1. stand up back to the wall.
  2. that tine your heel will 6 inch far from the wall
  3. back and nack will the 2 inch far
  4. hips, shoulder, and head will touch the wall’

this is the correct body posture, now test yourself and if anything is missing then you have to correct your body posture.

so friends this is some knowledge about body posture. body posture is the basic thing of your health. if it will not be correct then you will be now able to fight any other health issue.

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