Know how to cure the deficiency of Vitamin B12 without medicines

Hello friends, how are you? Today we will talk about the importance of Vitamin 12. Friends, it’s not a self-made vitamin. We have to take some food items to make it. Like White food, milk, egg, meat, soybean, etc. But it is a very powerful vitamin.

It helps to create red blood cells and DNA in our bodies. It helps to maintain the strength of our mind and immunity system. That’s why a deficiency of Vitamin B12 is very dangerous for the human body. If anyone suffers from a deficiency of Vitamin B12, should take the treatment as soon as possible. In India at least 47 % of people are suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency. Only 26 % of people are taking enough diet for Vitamin B12.

Reason and symptoms for deficiency of Vitamin B12 :-

An unhealthy diet is the main reason for a deficiency of vitamin B12. Sometimes due to weak digestion systems, our body stops the production of Vitamin B12 that’s why we have to suffer from it.

Symptoms :-

When a body suffers from a deficiency of Vitamin B12, it attacks the neurological system. After that, it also creates skin diseasese like eczema.

Difficulty in walking :- A person feels problems in walking and balancing himself. Numbness in feet and limbs also the sign of it

Haziness:- without any reason when a person feels a headache, red eyes every time are the symptoms of a deficiency of vitamin B12. After some time this headache turns into haziness. That is not a good sign.

Mouth ulcers :- it is a very common problem. But if you are suffering from it regular then it may be sign of lack of vitamin B12.

Memory loss:- Vitamin B12 helps to maintain the neurological system. When it does not produce in enough quantity, it gives the. Symptoms like memory loss.

Weak body and immunity system:- it is a very common sign of deficiency of Vitamin B 12. A person feel tired all day. He also feels the sensation. And the main thing is no one medicines able to cure this situation. This is the main sign of deficiency of Vitamin B12.

Irritation and depression:- these are also the part of the neurological system. When this part become weaker, these signs shows us.

These are also the symptoms of deficiency of vitamin B12.

How to cure the Deficincy of Vitamin B12:-

By the test of Vitamin B 12, we can find the level of it in our body. If the level of it is very low then the docter recommends injections for Vitamin B 12. This is for the fastest growth of Vitamin B12 in the body. Doctor can recommend the medicine for it.

Besides them, if you want to cure it by home remedies then improve your diet chart. Include white food products in it like Egg, Milk, butter, buttermilk, curd, etc. Soybean is also a good source of Vitamin B12. If you are non-vegetarian then fish and meat is also good option for you. You can take sweets made of milk like Rasgulla. Cheese, green vegetables, and Brockley are also high sources of Vitamin B12. You can add all these items to your diet chart and can improve your vitamin B12 level. Hope this article will be helpful for you.

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