Kill any type of pain with these healthy home made painkillers

Hello friends, hope you all are doing well. Today we will talk about painkillers. In the market lots of painkiller tablets are available. For example – Ibuprofen, flexon, etc. A person who is in a pain can’t think about any other thing except painkiller tablets. And it’s not his fault, it’s natural. Pain is pain, how much you are strong or healthy but in pain, you will be puzzled after your limit and will think to cure it. So friends here we are going to inform you about some homemade painkillers means home remedies. So that you can easily kill your pain at home and without any side effects. Now let’s start.

Garlic :-

First, we will talk about garlic. This is the best antibiotic item. In our kitchen, we can easily get it. Some people don’t use it in their food but most probably it is used. It helps to boost our immunity and reduce high blood pressure. During Corona, time garlic plays an important role as a medicine in India. It also helps to reduce high cholesterol. In ancient time garlic paste is used as a cream for injury. For Alzheimer’s disease, it gives the best result. You can also take it with a fever as a medicine. So lots of pain can be cured by garlic.

Ginger :-

Like garlic, ginger is also a warm nature item. But its uses and benefits are countless. For colds, coughs, joint pain, and muscle pain it is an amazing remedy. You can use it by paste or by juice whatever you like. This is a wonderful energy source. For morning sickness and nausea, this is a powerful medicine. It also creates a taste in food when we add it.

Turmeric :-

Turmeric is a well-known home remedy. Kitchen and Ayurveda it incompletely without turmeric. It also works as an antiseptic and antibiotic tablet. You can take it with milk or warm water. It is also used as a beauty product. For our dull skin turmeric is the best solution. Not from the upper side but from the inner side also turmeric make our skin healthy. During fever, cold, cough, or headache you can take turmeric as a medicine. Just put a small spoon of turmeric in warm milk.

Basil leaves :-

Holy basil is also one of the best medicine in India. It is available in every house in India. It is full of antioxidant elements. General People and ayurveda acharya use it as a medicine. It also provides positive waves. During corona disease, basil leaves help a lot. Basil tea is also helpful to store energy. It also helps to boost our immunity. Besides that, it helps to maintain the cholesterol level and bp.

Black paper :-

Most the people think that black paper is only used for taste in recipes. But you don’t know that black paper is a very healthy spice. For weak eyes, black paper is the best remedy. During cold, you can take it with honey. It maintains the anti-bacterial elements so that it helps to fight bacteria. It also helps to reduce weight.

Thus friends these are some home remedies, that you can use during any health problem. But don’t take them in large quantities. They can harm also others. And in any critical situation firstly contact your doctor. Don’t try to cure yourself.

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