Is your kid eat sand? Don’t worry, Find the solution here

Eating sand is one of the most common habits among all kids. 8 kids out of 10 eat sand so it’s not so worry if your little champ or princess is also habitual to eating sand. Juniors are always ready to taste wherever they see around them, their curiosity is too high compared to adults. You will find that every toddler has this type of bad habit like eating sand, wall paint, nail paint, clay, chowk etc. The habit of eating sand is natural but if your child is not leaving this habit or facing some health problem so it can be a major issue. It should not be ignored by parents.

Why children eat Sand ?

first of all, we have to know why kids eat sand? Do they like to eat it or have some requirements in their body? Here we are sharing some reasons with you by which you will be able to know, that why your sweetheart is eating the sand.

Every taste is new for the children. so sometime they like the taste of sand and other items .

if kid have deficiency of Iron and calcium in body so they like to eat these type of things.

some minor or major injury in brain.

OCD (obsessives compulsive habit ) is a type of disorder that provoke children to eat sand, paint and all.

if the kid is hungry and their parents are ignoring that can be the reason for eating sand.

Pica is a disease in which a person likes to eat different things from food like paint, soil, sand, dirt, shoe polish etc. Sometimes due to ignorance or irresponsibility of parents, kids have to face it.

Disadvantages and diseases of eating sand or soil:

eating sand is not harmful if it is natural but if kids are addicted to this habit then it can be dangerous.

In sand there are lots of bacteria lives. if kids eat sand in much quality then these bacteria are stored in the stomach of kids and starting eating the food of kid and his muscles. it is very painful.

If kids eat sand or soil then they don’t eat food. Slowly slowly it affects their health. as time pass, they become weaker.

Sand also attacks the mouth, teeth and gums. Consuming sand can create problem in teeth as well as loss of tooth enamel.

It also harms the intestine. The worms of soil enter the stomach via the mouth. In this situation, the intestine can get an infection.

Soil poisoning is also a possibility in children during eating soil. Urban soil contains toxic elements like lead. While eating soil these leads can enter children’s stomachs and spread the poisoning.

Maybe your child has pica disease, so he likes to eat these dirty things.

How to cure children from this habit:-

parents do everything for their kids. Eating sand or soil is not a major issue but if your kid is addicted to it then by some small steps you can cure your child.

First of all, recognise the reason, why your child is eating sand.

Keep eyes on your kid and try to divert their mind when they try to eat sand.

Serve them their favroute food.

Play with them and give them more time so that they forget to eat sand.

Imorove their diet with iron and calcium.

If these things do not work then contact your doctor. Because kids are like flowers, we can’t do much experiment with them. Hope we have shared all information related to your requirement.

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