How To groom your bird at home?


Human Animal, Birds and trees are the living things on the earth. Birds are the most likable living creature in all of them. But to groom a bird in house it is very responsible work. It’s like a groom a child. Where should be so attentive and careful for everything morning to eve and bath to eat. You should be able to understand about the feeling of bird child and needs.  Here in this article, we will provide you the, who details about the process of how to groom a bird and what method you should be use for that?

A very important thing for grooming is happiness. If your bird is happy then it will groom very healthy. For that firstly you have to prepare a diet chart and daily routine   for that so that you n it both will be in habit of each other. And by this you will easy able to note its activity likeness and dis-likeness. It will help you to grow your bird happily in in home.

There are some points which are mentioning you here, that will help you to know about the process of groom your bird at home.

Bath Timing of a Bird

Bath is most important part of our life, and for birds also. But it’s not compulsory that every bird like to take bath.

When you are going to give a bath to your bird, choose the warmest part of day , because birds take much time to dry themselves. Some time you will notice that birds like to hake bath by themselves.

How to bath a bird at home

There are some important points that you should follow.

  • When you are going to give a bath to you bird never reuse the water which have been already used for birds’ bath. Always use fresh water for you bird.
  • For your bird bath use good water and not so cold, not so hot. You can use. Fresh filtered water.
  • If you see that your bird not in mood to take bath and avoiding bathing, try on next day or try some different method for that.
  • You can use Bowl for bathing. It will gives a nice look and your bird will feel happy also.
  • After the bathing never rub you bird for dry, leave them free or put their cage below the fan. Their feathers will dry itself.
  • While bathing you bird must clear its berk and wigs but softly.

Take care of bird’s Feathers

Feathers are the very important body part of a bird. Without the feathers a bird is not bird. Feathers are the lifeline of birds. It make birds so beautiful. Take care of bird’s feathers it’s a very tough task. Everybody can’t do it easily.

Normally birds are not allow to touch their wings to anyone. Feathers gives heats to their body and help to fly also. That’s why they behave like that but if your bird is familiar with you then you can do it.

If you find that, you bird has dust of strain on the body part. Never use you hand tuff with them. Use some lukewarm water and clean that part very softly.

Take care of bird’s feathers is very much important.

Clipping the Wings

Clipping the wings of a bird is also an important part of take care of a birds. But for that you should be very much. But it should be done in a proper manner. Because every bird has different – different type of wings. And different technique also. Bird’s wings should be cut according to their shape, color and size. Firstly you should trim the primary flight feathers. But it should be done very carefully.  A wrong manner of cutting feathers can injured your bird or cause to the death also.

Trim the nails:-

It a long gape work of trim the nails.  But it’s a necessary thing to do. Log nails it not good for the bird as well as other also who wants to touch the bird. But it’s not only the one reason of trimming nails,

But to trim the nails of your birds is not easy for that you have to apply some other way by which your pet bird will ready for that. While doing this you can manipulate your bird by talking, it gives a satisfaction to your bird.

Trimming the nails, it doesn’t means that you have to cut whole nail you can just trim the sharp point of bird’s nail. So that it doesn’t hurt to the bird and others. You have to do this work so quickly and carefully. Because a bird will not give you much time for that.

Beak Trimming:-

Beak is a mouth of bird, if someone hurt your mouth, you will never forgive him. Because with the help of mouth you eat your food.

Cleaning of berk is not hard but to trim the berk it’s not easy. Even every bird is not need to trim its berk. By chance if your pet’s berk shape is changed then you need that. And never try to trim the bark at home. Ask to the vet for trimming. As you consult ti your doctor for any diseases.

After the trimming of berk your pet bird need much time to recover and proper care. Provide it soft food with water and healthy fruits and vegetables. And must consultant time to time with VET. It will help your pet bird in fast recovery.

Nest Cleaning:-

We always want that the place where we live it should be clean. Its also same with the birds. If you are a good bird owner and feed your bird time to time then never leave the nest dirty.  It creates the disease, and health issue for birds. Even these bacteria’s can hurt you also.

A Birds nest should be clean very properly, so that your bird feel happy to live there. It has a proper manner that you can follow:-

Firstly when you open your bird’s house remove all the waste material for it. And clean with water. After that scarab the whole house, all corners and front gate. Use the hot water to clean your pet bird house.  And dry it in sunlight. You can use ditoal in water, it will kills the all bacteria. Normally the per birds house is fully opened but if you have covers nest for your bird then must be careful about the ventilation in house. Clean the nest from top to bottom.

Thus, this is the whole process of groom your bird and take care of a bird in house. Birds are like the child, it’s up to you how much you care them or love them. Bird are the very much beautiful creature of the God, so if you want to pet any bird must give proper care to them.

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