Forgetfulness is your habit? Now get rid of it, know-how

Hello friends, how are you? Today we will talk about our foremost bad habit which is forgetfulness. In today’s life, we don’t have time to think about anything that we are going to do. For that reason, we forget things. Like you are going to the office and forget the bike or car key. Then you will call your family members that plz, give me the key. Every second person does that. Sometimes we forget lunch. We forget to drink water. Ladies who work in the kitchen forget to turn off the gas. In the market we buy one item and the second thing we forget. Student forgets their learning for exams. This is common for all in day-to-day life.

Do you know what is the reason for it? I tell you, it happens because of our weak memory. The food we are taking today is not healthy because this is full of chemicals. Because of that day by day, our memory becomes weak and we started to forget things. But sometime this habit can create an accident also

But don’t worry today, we will talk about the solution to it, that is how we can talk about strong memory. Let’s start.

Boost your memory with these foods

Like our bodies, our brain also needs healthy nutrition. Our daily food does not help to make a strong brain. For strong memory, we should include this food also like Dry fruits almonds, ghee, ashwagandha, walnut, olive oil, black pepper, etc. This food help to make our brain healthy.

Use these herbs for strong memory

Some Ayurveda herbs are also useful for our brain. Like ashwagandha, Gotu kola, bacopa etc. These herbs work like a booster for our mind. Definitely you will get the result, if you will use them.

Improve you deit

Diet plays an important role in every weakness of our body. Try to improve your deit and mention the antioxidant food in daily life like water malon, beetroot, tomato, etc. And try to have natural food not frozen. Natural food effect more than frozen food.

Schedule your routine :-

Our daily routine matters so much in our health issues. If you are not taking proper sleep this may be the cause of weak memory. Our brain is also a part of our body like the body it also needs rest. So at least sleep for 8 hours. Make a proper routine for sleep.

Exercise everyday :-

As per our daily life exercise is compulsory for us. Every morning for some time does exercise. Daily exercise is very helpful for our bodies and brain also. 30 minutes daily is enough for you. So as sleep make a daily exercise schedule also.

So, friends, these are some tips by which you can get a strong memory. Try these tips and see the miracle. Defiantly, You will get rid of your forgetfulness habit.

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  1. Really helpful..
    Many times I used to think for the same but end up with more puzzled things.. but this blog is really helpful.

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