Do you like tea ? Drink it but carefully, know the 5 healthy tips for tea lover

Which tea is best to drink ?

Should we reheat the milk tea again?

Know the Advantage or disadvantages of drinking tea?

Hello friends, how are you? I hope you all are well. do you drink tea? I don’t think anyone will say know because tea is like the first ray of sun in the morning. and if we got in bad. then it gives us a fabulous feeling to us. every break, every journey, and every morning is uncompleted without tea. that’s why the people who like tea call themselves tea lovers. we are not saying that you should not drink tea. but before drinking tea you must know the advantage and disadvantages of tea. and what type of tea you should drink for good health. let’s start:-

Advantages and disadvantages of tea:-

Advantages of drinking tea:-

Although Milk tea doesn’t have such an advantage, something is good in tea.

  1. Milk tea has less amount of caffeine compared to coffee. and this is the best thing for tea lovers.
  2. Tea helps to release stress and help to remove headaches.
  3. Milk tea also includes ginger and holy basil, which contain antioxidants, that’s why milk is a healthy drink if we drink it within a limit.
  4. and the last advantage is that it is a tasty drink compared to green tea, black tea, or herbal tea.

Disadvantages of Drinking tea:-

  1. Tea creates the risk of gastric ulcers. if a person drinks too much tea in a day, it is harmful to the liver.
  2. It is also dangerous for the kidneys, heart, and liver.
  3. Iron is the most important nutrition for our body but tea reduces the consumption power of iron. because tea is a rich source of tannins. if you want to maintain your iron level and tea enjoyment drink tea after the meal.
  4. Stress, restlessness, and anxiety can be the causes of the overconsumption of tea. after a limit, everything is harmful. The doctor says that 1 or 2 cups of tea is more than enough in a day.
  5. Melatonin Harmons give a signal to our brain to sleep. study says that caffeine disturbed the production of this hormone and the sleep cycle also. poor quality of sleep is also the result of much caffeine.
  6. Nausea is also a cause of drinking much tea. If you are feeling like that stop drinking tea and then judge your body.
  7. Sometimes we face the problem of heartburn. friends caffeine increases the production of acid in our body, and that acid is the reasonforrburnso do not drink much drink.

So friends these are the disadvantage of drinking tea. that you should notice while drinking tea.

Which tea is best to drink? :

friends, there are lots of types of tea that you can drink for good health.

1. Milk Tea:- milk tea is good if you drink it in a proper manner or within the limit. because it has contained coffee. that is harmful to the human body.

2. Green tea:- Green is the best tea if you drink it. is also helps to recover lots of health issues like diabetes type 2, heavyweight, heart issues, etc. 1 cup of tea is enough in a day.

3. Ginger tea:- Ginger tea is good for colds and coughs. if you have vomiting and nausea problems you can take ginger tea.

4. Lamon tea:- lemon is also good for health. it helps to reduce weight. in throat infection and cold lemon tea is best.

5. Herbal tea:- Herbal tea is made by homemade Indian spices like cinnamon, black paper, licorice, salt, holy basil, etc .that’s why is very healthy for us. it helps to boost immunity, remove stress and s and helps is heart and liver problems. you can drink this regularly.

Should we reheat the milk tea again :-

Friends reheating the milk tea is like taking slow poison. Because leftover tea starts developing microbectria, it can be harmful to your health. Illness, cold, stomach pain, nausea, headache, and diarrhea all are caused byedby reheating tea. So never reheat the tea. Make a new one if you want to drink.

So friends these are the advantage and disadvantages of tea. Tea is a unique drink to drink after water. If you want to drink tea, must drink it but follow these precautions also.

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