Improve your immunity and mental health with Digital Detox, know how to do Digital Detox

Hello friend, how are you? Today we are going to talk about a very special Topic. That you should not only know but you should apply it also that is Digital Detox. Today with this changing scenario diseases are increasing day by day because of technology. Although technology has been invented for facilities but we are misusing it. That’s why today we are going to discuss digital detox, it benifits and how can you take digital detlx challenge. Let’s start.

What is Digital Detox :-

Friends, Digital Detox is a method by which you can keep away yourself from all kinds of digital gadgets. means, a kind of digital holiday, that is called Digital Detox. In this process, you completely disconnect yourself from the digital world. And spends your time with good things or with your family. today lots of travel agencies also provide you digital holidays with full package. Where people can be connected with themselves. Slowly the number of such people is increasing and they are involving themselves in the Digital Detox challenge.

How to start. Digital Detox challenge :-

So friends, hope now you all very well know about the, what is digital detox? If you also want to participate in this game means Digital detox challenge, then know what you have to do. But before that, it is important to know what things you have to leave in this Digital Detox Challenge.

  • Mobile
  • Television
  • Video Games
  • Computer
  • Laptop
  • Smart home gadget like smart vacuum, smart speaker
  • Smart watch

In this Digital Detox challenge you have to live without all these gadgets. Now there are many ways to start the Digital Detox challenge. Like a one day challenge or going on a trip without a phone for a few days. Whatever you want, you can take the challenge. For this, first of all, you have to lock your all gadgets in a box and make a video of it so that it can be proof that you have taken the Digital Detox challenge.

If you want, You can also search for many travel agencies on the internet which organize the Digital Detox Challenge competitions. and those who participate in this challenge also get the prizes as motivation. Or you can also play it as a game with your family like Whoever stays away from digital gadgets for the longest time will get a prize. Now it depends on you that how you enjoy the digital detox challenge

Digital detox benifits:-

Friends, there are many benefits of Digital Detox, knowing which you will be surprised. It not only protects us from the wave coming out of the gadget but gives us mental and physical fitness also.

1. Mental growth :-

Doctors and researchers say that some people who always engaged in phone or laptop like while eating food, studying, sleeping, while doing household work, even during driving also. It gives a negative impact to their mind. the capacity of our mind decreases. We start forgetting things after keeping them. forget the deeds. Those who go to work forget it. In such a situations, Digital Detox works as a medicine and gives mental peace.

2. Solve the sleeping issues:-

Nowadays almost every second person has sleeping issues. Because of our bad lifestyle and much use of phones and laptops. That’s why the problem of insomnia starts. If you adopt Digital Detox, you can easily get rid from this issue.

3. More time for you and your love once:-

Today we have everything expect of time for our love once. We spend the day with office, house hold works and rest time with our phone or laptop. That creates issues in relationships. Lots of relations are breaking down because of this bad habit. whether it is of husband wife or of children and parents. Stress is increasing in people life, or also disturb the health of body. In this situation Digital Detox is the best option. By adopting this, you will find that you have so much time for yourself and for your loved ones.

4. Get time to identify the talent :-

By the way, we mostly give time to ourselves whether it is with the phone or with any other gadget. But sometimes try to give time to yourself giving without all these. Do all the things that you want to do in your life. Reading good books, planting trees and developing any other skill like singing, dancing, painting, whatever skill you have. Due to digital gadgets, today children are not able to recognize their internal talent, they just keep getting into phone, videos, games and waste their time.

So friends this is the Digital Detox, there would hardly be any of you who would not agree that we should not do digital detox. And if you ask me today then I will say that digital detox is not a challenge, but it has become our need. Just need to recognize it so that we can live a healthy and happy life. Thank you.

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