Boost your immunity system with these games

Health is wealth and the games are health. Hello Friends, how are you? as you know today we are going to talk about immunity booster games. Do you know why our grandparents are too healthy? Why they are stronger than us? Because of their health and work full routine. At that time they did hard work in the fields and at home. Men and women both.

Men work in fields and women did all the work at home by their hand like washing clothes, grinding flour, painting the house, playing with grinding stones, etc. But now in this modern world, we have all-electric machines like washing machines, mixers & juicers, electric flour chalky, microwave ovens gas stoves, etc. That’s why our physical work has been finished almost. this is the biggest difference between the past time and the present. According to doctors, every person should do 60 minutes of exercise every day. This is necessary for everyone. So here we will tell you the benefits of games and which games you can play to boost your immunity.

Benefits of games :-

1. When we play games, it creates an atmosphere where we have to achieve a goal. And we have to concentrate on our game to win. That’s why our mind works so fast and it develop the mental strength. Our learning power also become strong with games.

2. Games make us fresh. It also controls the Bp and sugar and cholesterol levels. If regularly we play outdoor games then we can’t be overweighed. It means games save us from diabetes, high & low BP and heart problems.

3. Good sleep is the best thing in our life. Today lots of people face sleeping issues. They take pills to sleep. But games are the perfect remedy for these people. Games make us tried physically and mentally both, and then help in better sleep.

4. Healthy diet also comes with games. A person who plays outdoor games every day has a good diet.

5. You have seen that sports people are always fit. Because they play games every day. Games help to fit our body and improve the immunity system also. That’s why we live always healthily.

Which games you should play …

For a healthy life style always play outdoor games. Outdoor games are a complete exercise for us. Let’s know what games you should play to live healthy.

1. Cycling :- this is the best way for weight loss. In morning or evening you can to cycling. It burns the calories and make us fit.

2. Skipping a rope :- This is the best childhood game, not only childhood but you can play it in young age also. It is good exercise for the legs and heart. It also removes the extra day from the body.

3. Swimming:- this is the best and most interesting exercise. It is goodfor whole body .

4. Badminton:- Badminton is also good exercise, especially for mussels. This is an interesting game also. If you have a good partner then you can play it for many hours.

So friends, here we have informed you everything about the games and the benefits of games. I don’t think that you did not play games in your childhood. So just be a child and find some time in your busy schedule and play the games. And don’t play alone call your friends, and relatives also for playing with. Enjoy the day, and be healthy.

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