Be awear from these 4 tasty food, which are harmful for your bones

Hello friends, how are you? Do you know how many bones are there in our body? Yes, 206, surprising, isn’t it? But what’s even more important is, do you know what foods can harm our bones, especially those that you love? If not, today in this article, we will discuss four important things that weaken your bones when consumed in excess. Friends, our bones are what provide the most strength to our body. If our bones are weak, even a slight injury can lead to fractures, and we may have to stay in bed for a long time. To prevent this, it’s essential to strengthen our bones and avoid things that harm them. Let’s get started:


Friends, as much as salt is necessary to eat, an excessive amount of it is harmful to our bodies. Salt not only adds flavor to our food, but it’s also essential for our health. However, do you know how excessive salt intake can harm our bones? Consuming too much salt not only increases blood pressure but also weakens our bones. This is because salt hinders the absorption of calcium, which leads to calcium deficiency in our bones, making them weaker. Therefore, it’s advisable not to consume excessive salt, especially for children, who should have it in moderation according to their body’s needs.


Friends, alcohol is already infamous for its detrimental effects on our liver, but excessive alcohol consumption also has a significant negative impact on our bones. Consuming too much alcohol reduces our body’s ability to absorb calcium and slows down the remodeling of our bones. This can result in weaker bones over time. Excessive alcohol intake not only weakens the body physically but also disturbs hormones. People who consume excessive alcohol not only suffer physically but also mentally.


Caffeine is commonly found in beverages like tea and coffee, as well as in cold drinks and energy drinks. However, caffeine, in excess, can be very harmful to our bones. Excessive caffeine intake interferes with the absorption of calcium, leading to calcium deficiency in our bones, making them weaker. Additionally, caffeine negatively affects vitamin D, which is essential for bone health. So, it’s best to consume caffeine in moderation.

Wheat bran:

Do you know that wheat bran, which is rich in fiber, can also be harmful to our bones when consumed excessively? While it’s high in fiber, it can affect the absorption of calcium, which can have a negative impact on our bones. If you consume a lot of wheat bran in your diet, consider using oat bran instead, as it is less likely to harm your body.

So, friends, you’ve seen how these things can harm our bones, and there are many such things or habits that we may not be aware of but use them easily in our daily routine. Therefore, be cautious and avoid things that harm your body.

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