Avoid tobacco, Welcome healthy Life

Avoid Tabacco

Hello friends, 31st may is celebrated as world no tobacco day. In 1987, WHO declared this date to avoid use of tobacco and to spread awareness about the harm of tobacco. like every year in 2022 WHO is celebrating this day and the theam of 2022 is ” Protect the Environment.”

According to WHO every year 80 lakhs people die due to tobacco. Heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and many more are health problems that occur due to tobacco. First time on 7 April 1988 Tabacco day is celebrated. Then from the next year, the date is changed with 31st May.

The main reason for celebrating this day is to spread awareness about the harm of tobacco. Every year WHO declares the number of people who die due to tobacco and they try to explain how much tobacco is dangerous to our health. People should leave this habit as soon as they can. Especially youth are requested to not be involved in these types of activities. Volunteers of this day create campaigns and explain how people can rid of this harmful habit.

So dear friends, If you are also involved is this a bad habit, unfortunately. Please stop this today. Help to create a tobacco-free world.

Thank you… 

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