Are you taking enough salt in your diet? know the actual quantity of salt and its effects

Hello friends, how are you? today we are going to discuss salt. its benefits and disadvantages as well. friends salt is a very important part of our food. without it, we can’t eat the food and with high quality, we can’t eat the food. both situations are harmful to the human body. that’s why salt must be in an exact quantity in our diet.

According to doctors a tablespoon of salt (5gm) is enough for a whole day for a human. but nowadays this balance has been disturbed. some people take a lot of salt in their food and some take very less. that’s why it creates lots of health issues. For a long time, doctors and health organizations have been getting alerts about salt. although salt is full of nutrition if it is taken properly.

From our childhood, we are listening that much salt is hazardous for us. high blood pressure, heart disease, and heart attack are the risk of too much salt. on the other hand, salt is helpful to maintain fluid balance, the health of nerves, muscle functions, etc. because it is a source of sodium in our diet. there are many types of salt available in the market like plain salt, rock salt, sea salt, etc. from all of Rock salt is the best salt to eat. In this article, we will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of salt. healthy salt and unhealthy salt. and low sodium meal and high sodium meal. let’s start:-

The disadvantage of too much salt:-

According to WHO 5gm of salt is enough for a human but nowadays people are eating more than 10 gm of salt in a day. because they are taking high-sodium meals daily. this is very harmful to them. we are sharing some symptoms with you if you are also suffering from them then check out the salt quantity in your food.

  1. hair fall
  2. swelling in kidney
  3. water storage in our bodies.
  4. weakness of born ( Problems related to Osteoporosis and Orthopaedics)
  5. heart-related disease
  6. paralysis
  7. high blood pressure problem etc

these all are the risk of too much salt. salt is good for health but too much salt can kill you.

The disadvantage of too little salt:

as too much salt is harmfull same the too little salt is also dangerous. lets know the symptoms of leck of salt in body.

  1. low blood pressure
  2. type 2 diabetes
  3. weakness in body
  4. bad cholesterol storage
  5. swelling in the brain and heart
  6. disturbed blood flow in the whole body

How much salt is too much:-

according to doctors 5gm of salt in a day is enough for our body. but sometimes it depends on the human body structure. some people can digest too much salt and some can’t. but it is beneficial to take salt normally not too much or not too little. and if you find any health issues that manage your salt diet. so that you can easily cure any disease.

High Sodium food (Food with too much salt) :-

Here we are giving you a list of High sodium Food so that you can make distance yourself from them.

snacks with much salt – like chips, salted nuts etc

cheese products :- mozzarella cheese, string cheese

soups:- processed soup

Bread :- wheat bread, baguettes, white bread

Processed food :- sausages, ham, creams, chips

So friends these are the high sodium food. Try to far away from this food not only because of salt but also their worthless chemicals. Because these types of food carry many chemicals that are dangerous for us. So whenever you buy packaged food must check the nutrition labels of the product. Hope now you all are aware of the advantages and advantages of salt. And you also know the answers to how much salt should I take in a day.

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