5 Best Moisturizers for your Lovely Skin

Hello friends, how are you? In this series, we are discussing skin issues, today we will discuss the best moisturizer for the face. For softness and glowing skin, every type of skin (Dry skin, oily skin, dull skin) needs moisturizer. But it is also true that moisturizers should be according to skin type. Otherwise, it will harm our skin besides safety. In the market, there are lots of face moisturizers available. If you are also thinking to buy moisturizer but don’t know which you should buy, then just continue with our article. here we will suggest you 5 best moisturizers for your face, that you can purchase and care for your skin.

5 best Moisturezier in India:-

1. Lakme peach milk face moisturizer:-

It’s a very popular and trustable brand. This moisturizer contains Vitamin C and milk which is good for the skin and provides the moisture to skin. It works like sunscreen also. It gives 12 to 16 hours sun light protection. It’s a travelling-friendly moisturizer and suitable for all types of skin. Its smell is also lovely. It has a 4.3* rating on Amazon with a very normal price.

2. Biotioque morning nectar flawless skin moisturizer:-

Biotioque skin moisturizer is very famous among all skin moisturizers. It is an Ayurvedic remedy made of 6 natural ingredients like Honey, fenugreek, sprouted wheat, aloe vera etc. It’s lightly weighted and absorbs easily to make skin soft.

For deep moisturization, and reducing stretch marks, dry skin, and dull skin, it is a unique remedy. It has anti-ageing benefits. It’s not a costly product. You can trust it and buy in your budget. both males and females can use it.

3. Mamaearth Vitamin C Oil-Free Moisturizer:-

It is also the best face moisturizer. It is free from all harmful chemicals and artificial colours. It includes vitamin C and apple cider in it. It helps to maintain the skin’s pH.

It has a 4.1* rating. It is suitable for all types of skins. It is a dermatologically tested product that is made in India.

4. Dot & key ceramide moisturizer :-

It’s a daily-use moisturizer for nourished, soft and healthy skin. It balances the microbiome level in the skin and improves the akin resilience. It is for every type of skin like smooth, dry, and oily skin.

It makes the skin smooth, creamy and non-comedogenic. It has a 4.3* rating. It is an alcohol-free product and a highly rated product on Amazon.

5. Biotique moisturizer for the face:-

Biotique is a light moisturizer that easily absorbs the body. and gives immediate effect with fast relief. it’s made of natural ingredients that handle skin issues and skin’s pH levels. it’s suitable for all types of skin, helps to reduce stretch marks also. it improves the skin level and gives a soft feel to us. it’s good for all seasons. its unisex products for all types of skin.

It has a 4.3* rating on Amazon. and highly recommended product. you can buy it at a very easy price on Amazon.

Disclaimer:- All product details are taken from Amazon. prices are the same.

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